Discovery Workshops

Not ready for individual coaching?

Discovery Workshops are a great alternative!

For Individuals

Community Workshops

Team Workshops

Workshops for Individuals & Communities

  • Manifesting Your Dream Life
  • Increasing Your Confidence
  • Developing Your Intuition
  • Tools and Techniques for Managing
  • Boundaries
  • Finding Fulfillment by Leaning into Your Values
  • Values-Based Goal Setting

Team Workshops

For teams going through organizational change:

Breathe fresh life into your team and community with workshops designed to help unlock what matters most.

Your team will find new energy and excitement as they begin to discover meaning and purpose and embrace a life of living to their fullest potential.

I offer workshops for teams, organizations, communities, small groups, and businesses, both in-person and virtually!

Some of my most-requested topics include:

  • Finding Fulfillment by Leaning into Your Values
  • Navigating Through Organizational Change
  • How to Work Towards any Goal
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Leading with Empathy
  • Putting Your Team First to inspire confidence, safety, and increase morale!

I can also tailor topics to your unique needs and areas of audience interest – please reach out and share how I can help your people GROW.